Notification Settings

Are you the type of person who prefers receiving email notifications or would you rather utilize the notifications at the main dashboard in Streamframe?

Either way it is, we know that it feels good to receive the latest updates and be on top of things. Streamframe’s notification settings can be customized to your own set of alerts that you wish to get notified if attention is required.

The notification settings consist of 4 areas: 

[1] Notifications at your Desktop 
You will get a desktop notification only for messages and notifications. 

[2] Notifications to your Email
You can choose which notification you want to receive.

[3] Notifications from the System 
Explicitly when you are added as a follower on objects being mentioned. 

[4] Reminder 
This would help you in reminding on your task's Ideal Start Date and tasks that are closer to Due Date.


In other words, Streamframe will send you a notification in these cases below:

  • When a task has been assigned to you.
  • When a task is either completed or rejected.
  • New comments in a task or conversation that you have commented before.
  • You have been mentioned at @username.
  • Tasks for you to review when you are set in the approval chain list.
  • Chat notification when you receive a new chat message.
  • Reminder alerts for tasks that are closer to due date and ideal start date.

You will never receive notifications of your own comments or actions.

To customize your Notification Settings:

1. Go to Notifications at your top panel
2. Click on Settings


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