Profile Settings

Every user in Streamframe has a Profile page which may be reached from the user menu Settings and then clicking on My Account.

The "Update Account" contains fields to further allowing the user to edit their profile information and set the preferred region and language.


To update Account:

1. Select the Gear icon at the top right corner of your Streamframe main page
2. Click My Account


3. Click on Update Account 

1. Upload Profile Photo

  • To upload a photo, you need to hover your curser to the default profile picture and click on   Update Photo 
  • After uploading the photo, click   Update to save

2. Upload Cover Photo

  • After uploading your profile picture, you would want to add on by uploading a cover photo to your profile information. Simply hover your curser to the default landscape view and click on   Change cover 
  • After uploading the photo, click   Update to save.

3. Password

If you wish to change your password, proceed to "Personal Information" section:

  • In the Personal Information frame, enter in your   Current Password 
  • Key in your   New Password and re-enter new password

  • Click  Update to save

4. Time Zone

  • Head over to User Preferences and locate for  Timezone to select the preferred timezone 
  • Click   Update after you have made the changes

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