Discover is one of the admirable features in Streamframe as it displays all of your relevant activities that you are involved - Spaces, Projects, Deliverable and Task - in just one view.

If you have too many Spaces and Projects on your plate, this can be very helpful to have a clearer view on what you have in store and manage the projects accordingly.  

Also, this will also allow you to see the team's itinerary and involved activities in Streamframe.  


To view Discover:


  1. Select the  Gear icon at the top right corner of your Streamframe page and click  Discover

  2. Discover view displays as a modal and you can easily view everything in one window. 

  3. To view the user's list, just  Scroll the bar to left and you will see the user list 

  4. Use the  Filter, if you need to find a keyword or specific user, space and project.


  5. Another alternative way of viewing the user's itinerary is by clicking on the  Go to icon at the user's name and choose on which  Activity item you would like to see

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