Create Tasks

What do you or team need to do today? This week?

Now that you have Deliverable up and ready, you have another option to assign a task to your team or to yourself.  

This task option best works for a small of work or as a reminder of what you need to achieve. There are different views that allow you to create tasks, but the fastest way to create tasks without navigating into the project itself is from My Workspace

Follow through the steps of how you can create a quick task from 2 different views.


To create a task from Main Page (default view):

  1. Click on New Task+ 

  2. Enter a Task name and hit Enter key or click Save

  3. If you have a description for the task, click onto the area where it says Click to add a description 
  4. Then head to the Details section to fill in more of the Task details 

To create a task from My Workspace:

1. Navigate to My Workspace and click on + (plus sign)

Fill in the necessary quick task details with the following:

2. Choose either Deliverable or Project Name 

  3. Pick a team member to work on the task

  4. Give a Task Title

5. This is an optional field. If you have a task description, do add it in Description box field

6. Set a Due Date and Time. Then hit Save!


  • Tasks can have approversOnce a task has been assigned to an owner and the owner has submitted the task, the approver will then get notified and will be able to approve or deny that task before the task is finally set to complete. 
  • You will also notice that there is a property called Work Type, this property can be used to group related types of work. It also can be used for workflows and complex approval chains. READ MORE

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