Once your project grows and your team continues to expand, work can get more complex and information can get lost. By having the workflows and approvals, you can make sure all the right information is seen by all the right people by implementing workflows and approvals.

Here is an example of how workflows and approvals work. The images in the blue shaded area are Task Owner's view and the image in the yellow shaded area is Task Approver's view.

The details can be changed in the Task Details section. 

1. A task is assigned to a User (Task Owner).

2. Work type has been added to the task

3. Once it has been assigned, the Task Owner will receive a notification that they need to complete the task and then click Submit for review.

The Task Owner's view task bar will turn from blue to red for pending approval. 

4. Task owner needs to take action by reviewing the work and choose either approving the work 'Advance' or send it back to the assigned user (Task Owner).  


Teams can have multiple approval chains. You can set this up and defined with it through different work types.


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