Communication is key.

Streamframe is a universal platform for work, and work can't be done without communication. 

Chat allows you to have one to one conversations, group messages, and project related chat. All recipients will be notified of an incoming message.


To start messaging: 


Create Single Message

  • Select a user you want to begin chatting with from the right sidebar
  • A chat box will appear at the bottom of your screen for you to start chatting!


Create Group Messages


1. Select Messages at the top right.

2. Select + New Message.

3. Insert your team or multiple people in Recipient.

4. Enter a Subject title of your message. 

5. Type what's on your mind in the Messaging field and click Send. Attach a file in the group message, if you have any.

To message via Project Chat window: 

  1. Choose a project from your project list and click Chat

  2.  Start chatting away by typing your Message or send an attachment together with your message


Mark all the messages as read

You can mark all the messages as read by clicking Mark all as read button.

By mentioning @username teammates ensures that they see your message and, most importantly, know that it’s meant for them to see. 


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