Create Deliverables

Now that you have your Space, a Project, and team members. Let's start creating Deliverables. 

Deliverables are smaller objectives, steps, or phases that make up the Project. These can be anything you want. Deliverables hold all relevant tasks together. Hence, it is a good practice to use Deliverable when assigning a task to the team. 

There are a few different views in Streamframe that allow you to create deliverables. Each view has different functions. Below is one of the views.


To create a Deliverable:

1. Navigate to your list of Projects and click on the project for your deliverable

2. Once the project is selected, the menu in Location bar display project related menu, includes Deliverables and others.

3. Select Deliverables


4. Select  New Deliverable+

5. Enter the Deliverable name and click Save 


6. After you have given a deliverable name, for example, Deliverable 1 in below example, you can now add on the tasks under the deliverable. Click on the plus sign character, + that next to Deliverable Name

7. Click New Task+ to begin adding the tasks

8. Type in the Task Name and hit enter to Save. You can repeat this step to add more tasks.

To set the person who approves the task and assign the task to your team, click on
Details in selected task. quickly do the following:

9. Set an Approver.

10. Assign this task to specific user 

11. Set Due Date for the task.

As an Enterprise user, there are additional fields in the Detail section where you can have the option to comment on a deliverable or create a task via using a unique email.

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