Recycle Bin

When you have archived any tasks, spaces, projects from your list, it will be directly move to Archives folders. But as soon as you click on delete in the Archives folders, your items will push into Recycle Bin.

You can also recover work items from the bin, in cases of accidental deletion. Objects that you recover are moved to the root folder.

Once you have manually removed an item from the Recycle Bin, you will not be able to undo with the deleted items. You can set the amount of days to store the objects in recycle bin before it will be removed forever. This can be done and set in the Retention period under System Settings.


To manually delete an object in Recycle Bin: 

  1. Go to  Recycle Bin from the list in System Administration and select which  category from the recycle bin

  2. Select either  Delete or Restore objects 

  3. Confirm your  decision once you have selected delete from the option. 



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