Log In and My Sites

Log In

If you wish to log in to Streamframe, you can simply visit Streamframe’s log in page with the link (https://login.streamframe.com/login/login.php) and fill in your login details.

In the login page, there are 3 fields that we require before you proceed with your activities in Streamframe. 


  •  Fill in the registered email address 

  •  Insert your password 

  •  Click Log In to access to your Streamframe account


My Sites

As soon as you have signed in to your Streamframe account, the next view you will see is "My Sites".  

This view is broken down into 3 areas: 

  •  Your displayed Streamframe profile Name and Email 

  •  Update account and your personal information. READ MORE

  •  List of associated sites that you are involved in Streamframe


At your site name, there are 2 consistent icons that displays all the time when you land at My Sites page: 

  •  Notification alert

  •  Message alert


  • As a security measure, a procedure will apply by having the image authentication (CAPTCHA) at the bottom of your login details whenever you log in. However, if you have failed to login 10 times, CAPTCHA will appear back at the login. 

  • The notification and message icon alerts will populate with numbers when there are unread messages or notifications 



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