Create a Space

To quickly and simply get started with your new Streamframe account, you need to create a Space. 

Spaces are pretty dynamic, they can be anything you want from environments, departments, or just like the name, a space. 


To create a Space: 



 Space Title Name: This will be the title of the Space.

 Space Description: Give a description of what the space is. 


Spaces are the parent of Projects. 

In Streamframe, Spaces nest all Projects and funnel all data activity into a Stream ViewSpaces can be set-up in different ways; they can be Clients, Departments, or any container with similar Projects you want to group together. 



  • For the Enterprise version, there is an additional toggle where permission takes place in every item you create like Space, Projects, Tasks, Calendar and Notes.  
  • Spaces can be either Public or Private. If set to 'Private', new users or existing users will not be able to see the created space unless the creator of the space or an admin role user invites other users in. If 'Public', the space is viewable by all users. 
  • This is useful when big teams and organizations want to keep information private from team members. 

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