Visually track your project’s progress.

Just like gallery, Calendar can be found in both Spaces and Projects. The Calendar makes it easy to view all the scheduled tasks in a workspace. It is also a concrete way to stay on top of what you and your team are tackling, week by week.

You can click on any task name, to view its details, or click on a date cell to open a project of all tasks due that day. For example:


  1. If you click on a date or "Today", it will display the project tasks on your right column.

  2. When you click on an icon like - task, deliverable or milestone on the specific date, a pop-up window appears and reveals the project details.

You may filter the calendar by clicking the Absence, Milestone, Holiday, Task, Deliverable and Event.

Switch between four views in the calendar: Day, Week, Month and Year. As for the option “Today”, it will show all tasks that are due today.


To create an activity in Calendar:

Simply go to the date or month of your choice, right click on the specific date and pick an option from the list to make a new activity in the Calendar;

- Add Event

- Add Task

- Add Milestone

- Add Deliverable

- Add Absence or

- Add Holiday 

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