In both Spaces and Projects have the Gallery option to view all the image bank in the system.

If you can’t seem to track the particular image from all the conversation post in the Project level, the Gallery is the key to your image bank where all images will be stored here. In here, there are two option to view the images: Grid and List. 

Also, with that in place, there is an additional tool - Image Annotations - where you can give feedback and quick editing. This is a very useful tip if you want to give the user's work revision immediately. 



Grid option means thumbnail image view. You can use to click on an image gallery thumbnails to enlarge image. A gallery lightbox will appear with the enlarged image and an additional right panel where you can add in your comments.



The List option gives more detail of where the image is from. You have the option to either use Grid or the List. However, if you wish to view the breadcrumb of image location. This will be the source for your image. 

Breadcrumb location: 

Breadcrumb location shows where the image is located at and in which Project, Space and Task/Deliverable. When you click on one of the breadcrumbs list, it will direct you to  the relevant page itself.


Image Annotations

To use the image annotations, simply click onto the image annotations option at the top left and select which tool you want to make a highlight to an image. 



Image annotation tool is not built to handle two people editing real time and making changes simultaneously. This tool can only be used and make changes by one person at a time. 



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