System Settings

In this window view, there are three sections that are grouped within System Settings:

  1. System

    Upload your company image branding to personalize your Streamframe account.

    Streamframe Name
    You may rename and edit your company name.

    Retention period
    This retention period simply means the amount of days to store your objects in recycle bin before it will be removed from the system. Set to 0, if you want to keep it forever. 

    Force Two Factor
    If you choose to enable the Two Factor, users will be required to use the two factor authentication to do any log ins.

  2. Deliverable

    Review Reminder

    Automatically send review reminders to yourself for deliverables as per schedule, skip weekend, set a repeated reminder until your client replies to the requests or fix a frequency for clients that are pending for review requests.

  3. Absence

    As simple as it is, this is where you are able to customize your preferred off-days, carry over days and replacement days in here.

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