Roles can vary greatly from project to project depending on the scale and complexity of what the project is to deliver.  Some projects have individuals performing multiple roles, some have additional roles not specified in this list, and some of the roles listed here in Streamframe may not be required at all.

In Streamframe, the roles that are listed are by defaults. You may change or add more roles however you want it. Each roles have their set of permissions in giving access to an item and as an admin user, it gives you complete control over system access. You can customize the particular permission details to fit your user roles.

Within the site creation, there are 7 roles that generated automatically but only 5 system specific roles can't be edited or removed.  

  • In order to be able to access the administration panel, manage roles and permissions, you need to be a system administrator.
  • The difference between the admin and system administrator is that the first one is a role to affect to a user while the second one provides an option functionality to enable for a user.




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