User Preferences

This section provides a general overview of Streamframe preferences, including where preferences are stored and information on editing preferences. Each authenticated user has the ability to change their preferences.

Now that you have opened the User Preferences editor, you can configure your Streamframe to your convenience. In the window view, the options are grouped into three sections:


User Details

When you create a profile on a business or social media site, having a good photo is a critical element. In your Streamframe, you can make it personal and upload your photo that you favor. 



Are you an email notification kind of person, or would you rather utilize the dashboard to catch up on what’s going on with your projects? We know that it feels good to be on top of things. With that in mind, you can define a custom set of alerts so that you are notified immediately if attention is required.  

In other words, Streamframe will send you a notification in these cases:

  • When a task has been assigned to you and when task is completed or rejected.
  • For new comments in a task or conversation you commented on before.
  • For tasks and conversations where other users mention your @username.
  • Tasks for you to review when you are set in the approval chain list. 
  • Chat notification when you receive a new chat message.

You will never receive notifications for your own comment or actions.


Options to choose either enable or disable any unread message notifications.




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